At home in a studio or on the street, I can utilize any environment
to propel the narrative of your product, service or identity.
Equally adept at transforming any office or warehouse space into a
fully functional studio, I can provide high quality, efficient imaging of
people and products on white that are EZ to KO. Natural drop shadows
on product shots, with a 255 background, are a great way to present your
inventory for catalogs and on line.
Having the camera tethered to the computer monitor encourages the client,
employee or model to be part of the creative process in real time,
with the ability to see images instantly and collaborate.
For artists, correct color and tonality is achieved by viewing the artwork
and the computer image side by side to insure an accurate representation.
Specialized techniques guarantee even lighting and no glare, even under glass.
All of the product shots, jewelry pages and model shots were done in
an office space the size of roughly two cubicles. All jewelry page shots were
designed, styled and retouched by me. Model shots on location are done
with a balance of natural and strobe lighting.
With a full compliment of strobe and tungsten lighting, along with the
necessary grip and background equipment, I am able to set up and
shoot quickly, with out the expense of renting a studio.
Also in this portfolio is a page of my personal project, mostly black & white.
I welcome any comments or questions;
Thanks for stopping by!

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